about me

for me building guitars is pure passion


Passion and emotions are deep-rooted in all details of my guitars. I recombine logical lines to create exciting shapes, I use premium  materials, I make high demands on quality and thus re-define the  guitar to some extent.

I have been building guitars for more than 21 years. Almost every single task is performed by myself, from the raw slab of  wood to the first note being played. This gives me the freedom to work  with flexibility and consider special requests, in order to make the  instrument distinctive and one-of-a-kind. These are guitars for  individualists and lovers of exquisite instruments, but most certainly  also musician’s tools for everyday use on the stages of this world.

I am convinced that my guitars express a uniqueness and that  high-level craftsmanship and attention to the detail make the difference. The possibilities for a personal touch are endless – I am  looking forward to it.

Frank Hartung, Luthier